BASTIANVIANA: Forging a Path Towards Sustainability in Fashion

    Since its inception in 2019, BASTIANVIANA has stood out in the world of fashion with its refined focus on sustainable elegance. The brand distinguishes itself as a beacon of authenticity in a market flooded with fleeting trends, prioritizing exceptional craftsmanship and environmental responsibility in every garment.

    In the realm of luxury fashion, BASTIANVIANA positions itself as a select choice for those who value timeless quality and ecological consciousness. Each piece is carefully crafted with premium materials and ethical production techniques, reflecting a refined and sophisticated aesthetic.

    In its pursuit of excellence, BASTIANVIANA has discreetly expanded its presence globally, captivating a discerning clientele in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. This gradual growth has been driven by the brand's recognition as a leader in sustainable luxury fashion, offering an authentic and elegant alternative to conventional options.

    In 2023, BASTIANVIANA adopted a strategic approach by introducing Private Equity Funds, in line with its commitment to offering exclusive and personalized products. This decision underscores the brand's dedication to exclusivity and attention to detail, without compromising its core values of sustainability and quality.

    Behind every creation of BASTIANVIANA lies the visionary talent of its creative director and founding partner, Mr. Sebastiao Arribasplata. With a solid background in the major fashion capitals and a passionate focus on responsible innovation, Arribasplata leads the way towards a future where elegance and sustainability harmoniously converge.

    BASTIANVIANA embodies the very essence of authentic and conscious luxury, offering a unique experience for those seeking fashion that transcends time and trends. This is the story of a brand that not only creates garments but also inspires positive change in the industry and the world around us.



    Mr. Sebastiao Arribasplata, a talent born in the lush northeast of Brazil in 1991, embodies the unique fusion of a passion for fashion and a global perspective. His education at the prestigious Istituto Europeo Di Design has cemented his reputation as a visionary in the industry, while his experience in iconic cities such as Paris, Milan, London, and New York has enriched his creative vision with diverse cultural and aesthetic influences.

    As the founding partner and creative director of BASTIANVIANA, Arribasplata has established a standard of excellence in contemporary fashion. His style, praised by critics and recognized by the renowned British Vogue magazine, is defined by its timelessness, clean lines, and vibrant colors. He is a master at creating designs that exude sophisticated elegance and avant-garde, elevating fashion to new heights of artistic expression and personal expression.

    Arribasplata's vision goes beyond mere garment creation; it is a relentless pursuit of beauty and authenticity in every detail. His leadership at BASTIANVIANA has positioned the brand as a benchmark in sustainable fashion, where quality and environmental consciousness come together in perfect harmony.

    With a future full of promise, Mr. Sebastiao Arribasplata continues to inspire a generation of designers and fashion lovers, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and redefining the boundaries of creativity and responsibility.